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How we roll

We've been producing high quality clear protective covers for personal electronics since 2005.  We were born of an obsession of the latest gadgets, toys and shiny things and the desire to protect those things without hiding them in some awful overpriced case, 

We use only top quality surface protection film and our kits are designed and manufactured in the US with the utmost precision and detail to provide maximum coverage while remaining easy to apply.  We will never be the cheapest option which means our products are not for everyone. Someone else can have that title because that's not who we set out to be.  We want to earn your respect with our dedication to perfection, quality and value.

We make the highest quality protective Skins that we can for gadget enthusiasts that don't want to employ a big marketing department and can see through the hype that comes out of it. We will put our product up against anyones and if you can't appreciate the difference then our product isn't for you.

We think you will like our products and service though and with our Satisfaction Guarantee you can try out our products completely risk free.