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DIY Skin

For those of you who want a Skin for a device we do not yet offer.
Product Name Price Qty
DIY Cut To Fit Blank Skin (5" x 6.75") - Glossy - SKU 1355 1
DIY Cut To Fit Blank Skin (5" x 6.75") - Matte - SKU 1355 2
DIY Cut To Fit Blank Skin (8.1" x 13.1") - Glossy - SKU L 1150 1
DIY Cut To Fit Blank Skin (8.1" x 13.1") - Matte - SKU L 1150 2
DIY Cut To Fit Blank Skin (12 x 14") - Glossy - SKU L 1151 1
DIY Cut To Fit Blank Skin (12 x 14") - Matte - SKU L 1151 2
DIY Cut To Fit Blank Skin (12 x 24") - Glossy - SKU L 1194 1
DIY Cut To Fit Blank Skin (12 x 24") - Matte - SKU L 1194 2

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About Our Matte Screen Film

Matte film provides low shine with a unique look that nearly eliminates smudges and screen glare. The trade off, however, is a reduction of the sharpness of the screen. See our blog post on Matte vs. Glossy Screen Protectors for more details.



For those of you who want to protect a phone, mp3 player or other device that we do not yet offer a Skin for, we offer 4 different DIY sizes. Available in either our glossy material or matte material.

For our friends using the metric system:

- 5 inches (12.7 cm) x 6.75 inches (17.145 cm)

- 8.1 inches (20.57 cm) x 13.1 inches (33.27 cm)

- 12 inches (30.48 cm) x 14 inches (35.56 cm)

- 12 inches (30.48 cm) x 24 inches (60.96 cm)

While still on the liner the blank Skin material can be custom cut to fit your device with scissors or an xacto knife then applied like all of our other products.

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Additional Info

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Customer Reviews (0)

Protects against me!Review by betterlate111
I use this skin to protect my flashlight lens. I am truly abusive and there is no longer lasting shield that stays clear over time. (Posted on 1/27/16)
Liked what I got!Review by Shooter
I'm old and don't like to use stuff that does not do what I want I want it to do. Best skins always gets the job done and done well. I have not scratched anything that I have put it on, including some high priced shooting gear that gets really rough use. Thank You for a product that is what it's supposed to be. (Posted on 12/23/15)
Freakin awesome!Review by reverendchip
I have been using BestSkinsEver for years. The product has never failed to protect my devices which is why I keep buying from them. This last purchase covered a couple generic tablets and my LG Optimus L90 and I still have material left over. I AM a lifetime customer! (Posted on 3/4/15)
Always have this on hand. You will use it. Review by John
When a skin doesn't exist Make Your Own. This is a godsend product if you are handy with a ruler, scissors and hobby knife. it can save money too vs precut patterns.

Some of the skins I've made so far include protection for:

watch faces

many smart phone / cell phone screens.
(made full protection for my iPhone 5 day it came out before BSE was able to ship theirs), (made one for a friend after her smartphone screen cracked to protect her fingers and hold the screen together)

Full skin for a CamRanger wireless device for my Canon dSLR

Camera view screens

Latest was to protect a 23 x 3 inch curved plastic chrome section on a new washing machine lid that was destined to be severely scratched in no time without it. Now it will stay good as new.

And I know I have my family trained well when they come to me and say "can you make me a skin for this". Of course I say "yes, no problem"

Thanks Best Skins Ever.
(Posted on 6/15/14)
DIY Skins easy to cut to own specsReview by Chang'r
If you ever want to protect any gear that may not have a template cutout, the DIY Skin is pretty good.

I have purchased a number of skins and have no issues with any of them. Learned how to smoothly apply any skin without water and without any air bubbles.

Good stuff. Giving it a high rating but wish there would be some discount for Canadian customers. (Posted on 3/20/14)

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