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Sony PSP Clear Protective Skin

The Sony PSP is an impressive portable and slick entertainment machine with highlighted wide screen display. With its latest models, the PSP®go and PSP-3000 Sony PlayStation Portable had greatly elevated portable gaming to a higher level. It offers two great ways of playing with multi-players, local and online. The graphics is the same as with PS2 with built-in web browser and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can watch movies and your favorite TV series, can store images, music and videos.

This powerful and portable device is a big punch from a small package. It is built to be light, slim, and portable with large and ultra-crisp LCD screens for you to play hundreds of movies and games, browse the web, red digital comics and more. With its stunning graphics, playing and entertainment can be anywhere and anytime.

The PSP® system offers two great ways to play games with multiple players: Ad Hoc (local) and Infrastructure (online).

The Sony PSP®go System - Features Worth Saving with a Sony PSP Clear Protective Skin

  • Most Portable - it is yet the smallest, mightiest and most portable full featured gaming console. You can download high quality, immerse digital games, movies and TV series straight to the PSP®go’s 16GB hard drive. You can browse through an incredible lineup of Sony PSP games and movie contents from the PlayStation network. It has a built-in Bluetooth you can use for wireless headset so you can talk with your friends via Skype. This most portable gaming system has an ultra-crisp 3.8” LCD screen.
  • Go Anywhere - you do not have to carry around your UMD and memory sticks and you do not have to wait in line to purchase new games. Contents can be downloaded instantly so you can play and watch anywhere.
  • Massive Storage in Mini-sized - by far, it is Sony’s sleeker player. It is lighter, slimmer and 1.22” smaller compared to Sony PSP-1000. It runs as quite as it downloads media and games directly to its huge 16GB hard drive and not on UMD disks. More games, pictures, movies and TV series will fit to this incredibly small package.
  • Full Featured - though it’s is small, it comes along with all the features of a Sony PSP system. PSP®go is a non-stop and all in one entertainment machine with its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection enhancing Skype conversations and online gaming, 3.8 inches LCD screen with dazzling graphics and hundreds of games, demos, add-ons, movies and TV series ready for instant download.

The Sony PSP -3000 System - Features Also Worth Keeping Stylish with a Sony PSP Transparent Skin

  • Best in Mobile Gaming - This UMD compatible device is still the best in the mobile gaming industry. Its advanced LCD screen offers the highest quality contrast, widest color gamut and best response time possible on an LCD display screen. With its high reflection technology, you can get natural and vibrant colors at all conditions. Its built-in microphone enables Skype calling and enhances multiple player gaming. Watching movies, listening to music and surfing the web, they are all in this ever slim, light and portable device.
  • Getting Better Everywhere - with all the challengers gamers are facing, the hardest would be to try to figure out the most compatible and suitable system for you. Your quest has been answered by Sony’s super portable PSP-3000, with huge 4.3 inches LCD screen. Its built-in Wi-Fi lets you play online. It can play hundreds of games, looks amazing, fast and probably the most robust portable system ever.
  • Full Featured - store you favorite games, movies, music, and TV shows on to your UMD so you can play and watch anywhere and anytime you want to.

Best Skins Ever - Protecting Your Sony PSP with Their Sony PSP Clear Protective Skin

You are probably spending more time your Sony PSP more than any other electronic gadgets. Keep it always protected and clean with Best Skins Ever Sony PSP clear protective skins available in various designs. Get a Sony PSP transparent skin to protect it and show the world that you are both stylish and practical. It is not only to make your Sony PSP slick and protected, but is can also helps maintain its fast functionality and make it last longer.


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