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  • The 4 Most Anticipated Releases for the PlayStation Vita

    Playstation VitaSony has really made this an exciting year to be a gamer. The release of the PlayStation 4 gave us some of the most impressive and creative titles ever seen, and developers have upped the ante in the game world. This doesn’t mean that Sony’s handheld game system, the PS Vita, has been forgotten. There are several titles that have been released so far, and many more on the way. Here’s a look at the PlayStation Vita Releases for 2014. Continue reading

  • Jailbreaking: The Pros, Cons, and Facts

    Jailbreaking: The Pros, Cons, and FactsWith all of the advances in technology over the past decade, consumers have found ways to enhance the creations of major manufacturers. Mods are developed for computers, hacks are discovered for video games, and software is developed for cell phones. There is a term related to Apple’s product line that incorporates all of these innovations into one device. Continue reading

  • Wet Phone? Keep Calm, and Follow These Instructions


    PLUNK! If you hear this sound, it’s time to act – fast! Saving your cellphone from a watery grave is possible with the right knowledge. Best Skins Ever is here to help with step-by-step instructions on how to dry (and save) your wet cell phone.

    1.   Remove the phone from water.

    This is arguably the most important step in the process. The more time your device spends in water, the less luck you’ll have rescuing it. DO NOT TURN THE PHONE ON! After a drop like this, you’ll be more than tempted to see if the phone works (trust us, we understand). The problem here is that the device could short circuit if it’s activated. It is best just to turn it off for now. Also, wipe away any excess water from the phone’s surface. Continue reading

  • Matte and Glossy

    Not only do we provide our standard Glossy material, that you have all grown to enjoy, but now we offer a Matte material option as well.  This option is available on many of our new devices, along with our best sellers.  The glossy material provides invisible protection for your device, with a shine.  The matte material has a satin finish that truly enhances the look of your gorgeous new device.

    Glossy or matte, is the question.  For some devices we feel that matte is the hands down the way to go and with other devices we tend to leave that choice up to you.  There is also the question as to whether the matte material is appropriate for the screen Skin.  While the matte material screen Skin option has been requested by many, it seems to create a slight distortion but tends to minimize fingerprints.   It really comes down to personal choice, satin versus shiny.

    So if you don't see the material option you are looking for offered on our product page, send us an email and we will see what we can do to help you out.

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Pre-Orders

    We are now accepting pre-orders

    for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Skins!

    Shipments will begin on or

    before, Tuesday, April 30th.

    Glossy and matte material

    options available.

  • Last Day - Earth Day Sale

    Earth Day Sale

    22% Discount

    on all Skins.


    Monday, April 22, 2013


    Wednesday, April 24, 2013

  • Skins, Skins, Skins!

    Did you know that we also offer Skins for your cameras, watches, tablets and more?

    If the item you want Skinned is not already listed here, please contact our Customer Support to inquire into the possibility of a Custom Skin.

    We look forward to the opportunity to serve you with our precision designed Skins and Custom Skins.  Thanks for visiting our site!

  • Best Skins Ever Has New & Improved Film!

    In an on-going effort to provide you with the best possible solution for protecting your shiny new devices, we now produce our Skins with our New & Improved Film!

    Features of the New Film include:

    *  More conformable material for an easier application and better coverage.

    *  Performs better on screens.

    *  Improved self healing properties.

    This new film is used on all 2012 released Skins and many of our older designs as well.

  • Valentine's Day Sale

    Valentine's Day

    2 is Better than 1 Sale.

    25% off 2 or more Skins.

    Feb. 11 - 14, 2013.

    For questions, contact Customer Support.

    Check our Blog for Tips and Tricks to Drying out your Cell Phone.

    We now have a Skin for the Pebble Watch.

    Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for future Sale postings.

  • Year End Sale - 25% off all Skins.

    Year End Sale - 25% off all Skins.

    Protect your new electronic gifts with our invisible Skins.

    Apple, HTC, Nintendo, Samsung, Nokia, Google, Motorola and more.

    Check our blog for the Top 5 photography Aps and the Top Selling Gadgets of 2012.

    Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year!

    Thank you for your continued support.

    From all of us at Best Skins Ever.

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