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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • What's the Best Mini Keyboard for My Tablet

    Mini keyboards are a useful tablet accessory, especially if you will spend significant time typing with your tablet. Below are some of the best mini keyboards available in 2013. Although these keyboards are designed for use with the iPad, you can usually pair them with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as the Kindle.

    Logitech FabricSkin Folio

    The FabricSkin Folio is one of the best creations from Logitech to date. Not only does this keyboard allow you to reach new levels of convenience when using your tablet, but it also provides protection for the tablet during transport. The folio is made from plastic and durable fabric, which encloses the tablet completely. The fabric has a rubber-like quality, which allows for a more secure grip when the tablet is being held.

    To connect the keyboard to the folio, simply open the folio and use the magnets above the keyboard. The keys on this mini keyboard are molded into the folio's cover portion. However, unlike similar keyboards that include only touch keys, the Logitech uses actual keys. These keys provide better tactile feedback for more effective typing.

    The Logitech Fabricskin Folio is available for approximately $149.99 if purchased from Logitech. Various cover materials and colors are available.

    Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case

    Using magnetic strips, Belkin's new mini keyboard and case offers three different viewing configurations for the iPad. Simply place the iPad in contact with one of the strips, and the Bluetooth connection automatically powers the keyboard on. The keyboard powers down as soon as you break the magnetic connection.

    A black version and a silver version of this case are currently available. The white version is composed of aluminum on the bottom and top of the case, while the black version is not, making the white version a more lightweight choice. This case is available for approximately $100 if purchased directly from Belkin.

    ClamCase Pro

    The ClamCase Pro is designed to approximate the look and feel of a standard laptop as closely as possible. However, this mini keyboard is also the most expensive one of the bunch.

    To use the ClamCase Pro, insert your tablet into the ClamCase's lid. With that done, the configuration resembles a laptop with no trackpad. Magnets turn the machine on and off as the case is opened and closed.

    You can also return the tablet to its original form without removing it from the case by folding the screen under the keyboard. However, the keys are exposed when holding the unit in this way. The keys won't be active, but it feels a bit strange.

    Of all the mini keyboards mentioned here, the ClamCase Pro offers the best typing experience. It is available for $169 when purchased directly from ClamCase.

    Making a Choice

    Every mini keyboard offers advantages and disadvantages. To make the best choice for your tablet, consider the features that are most important to you. It also helps to try different mini keyboards before purchasing to find the one that feels most natural.

  • Matte vs Glossy Skins

    Choosing the right cell phone is difficult, but choosing accessories for your phone can be just as challenging. With so many options available, it's hard to decide what you want. For example, today's cell phone skins are available in two primary forms: matte and glossy. Either type of skin will protect your screen from damage and keep it looking new, but the other characteristics of these two types of skins differ from one another considerably. Each type of skin offers both advantages and disadvantages, which are described in detail below.

    Pros and Cons of Matte Skins

    Matte skins are relatively new to the cell phone skin market. They provide a sophisticated, satin finish to the screen that many users enjoy. These skins greatly enhance the look of the cell phone, while simultaneously protecting the screen from scratches, oil and other damage. When compared to a glossy skin, matte skins also minimize the appearance of smudges and fingerprints, and they won't contribute to glare from the sun or other sources of light.

    However, because matte skins are not completely transparent like glossy skins, they slightly distort images on the screen. In addition, because the matte finish is new, it isn't available for every phone model.

    Pros and Cons to Using a Glossy Skin

    Glossy skins have been around longer than matte skins and are a common choice among cell phone users. They are completely transparent, which eliminates any potential for image distortion on the screen. They are also compatible with most devices, regardless of how old or new they are. Glossy cell phone skins also add a bit of a shine to the screen, which users often find appealing.

    If you decide to go with a glossy skin – beware of fingerprints and smudges!

    Glossy and Matte Skins from Best Skins Ever

    Best Skins Ever now offers both glossy and matte cell phone skins at an affordable price. Glossy skins are available for most cell phone models, and matte skins are available for most new devices and best sellers. Best Skins Ever suggests matte skins for certain devices, but it ultimately leaves the choice to the customer.

    Because both types of skins have strong advantages, choosing the right skin for your phone usually comes down to a matter of preference. Consider the advantages of each type of skin, and make your final choice based on the features you deem most important.

    To learn more about Best Skins Ever's options for your phone, visit our website and select your phone model. Full descriptions of each product are available. If we don't have the skin you're looking for, feel free to send us an email describing your request, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • New Website BOGO Celebration - Ended.

    Time to Celebrate our New Website and Kickoff Summer!

    How do we celebrate?          With a BOGO SALE!

    When do we celebrate?       Monday, June 17 - Wednesday, June 19, 2013

    What do we celebrate?        Summer, Our New Website & You!     

    BOGO Details:  For every Skin you purchase, get the next Skin of equal of lesser value free.  The extra Skin is not automatically added to your cart.  All discounts will display in your cart. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion.

    Our new site should provide you with faster access time and a more vibrant shopping experience.  Additional enhancements include the following:

    • Social Media buttons are conveniently placed on every product page.
    • We have increased our Money Back Guarantee from 30 days to a 46 Day Money Back Guarantee.
    • We now have a simple way for you to submit your product reviews and videos for posting on our website.  Just look for the Video Testimonial and Reviews tabs below the social media buttons on each product page and follow the steps.  All submissions are approved by BSE before they are added to our website.
    • For U.S. customers, we offer the option of DHL Global Mail Delivered by USPS for our smaller envelopes.  For just $2.99, this service provides tracking!  You may select this option in your cart or at checkout.

    Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter so that you receive promotional offers and important news updates. Not to worry, we prefer to keep our mailings to a minimum so that you do not become overwhelmed with emails from Best Skins Ever.

    As we kickoff summer and you engage in all those "fun in the sun" activities, remember to keep your devices looking shiny and new by protecting them with a Skin.  Thanks again for your continued support.  We truly appreciate it and you!

    From All of Us at Best Skins Ever!


  • Apps for Summer Travel

    Smartphone owners who take full advantage of all of their device's capabilities know how helpful they can be for everything from ordinary phone calls, to keeping track of appointments, creating to-do lists, and even doing things they regularly do online. These apps can help with everything from travel plans to finding the cheapest gas in town for your summer plans. Whether you are an Android or an iOS user, we have suggested an app for everyone.


    If you drive to your summer getaway destination, GasBuddy is one of those apps you'll consider a “must have.” Plug in the ZIP code, and the app will find the cheapest gas prices in that location. You'll also be able to see how recently the prices were updated. If you do a lot of driving -– for travel or just as part of your daily life -- this is a tremendously helpful app.


    Available from the iTunes app store or Google Play, this handy app can help you avoid the chaos that comes with having to keep all of your travel paperwork and documents straight. It will consolidate all of your travel plans, create an itinerary, and then allow you to sync your itinerary between your phone and computer. Link your email address to TripIt and you can send your itinerary to family members with nothing more than the click of a button.

    The app finds reservation confirmation numbers from your mountain of emails and then it compiles your itinerary with flight boarding times and check-in times at your hotel. The free version is a full-functioning program, but you'll have to deal with the advertisements.

    Trip Advisor

    TripAdvisor is described as a “crowd-sourced” guide, meaning it gets its reviews from people who use the app. It provides information on hotels, restaurants, places of interest and much more. The offline city app allows you to check out reviews without having to use your data allotment.


    This app is available for both iOS and Android and it can help you navigate different airports and keep up with flight delays. An important consideration is that the app will consume nearly 50 MB of space on your phone, so it might be better to download it onto your tablet and study the different terminals before traveling.


    This free online travel-booking app for iOS and Android lets you search and compare flights, car rentals and hotels on the go. Similar to its online version, it will compare flights from, Orbitz and more and it is hailed as the number one travel app currently.

    Seat Guru

    With Seat Guru (brought to you by TripAdvisor), once you have made your reservation, you can plug in your flight and date and see what seats are available. Unlike the seat selector on the airline website, Seat Guru tells you which rows have the most leg room, and where you're most likely to get bumped by people moving up and down the aisles.


    If you don't have an e-reader, you can now download the Kindle app for Android, or for your iPhone or iPad and leave those heavy books at home! We suggest downloading this on a tablet instead of on your phone because the app itself and the e-books (or other downloads) will take up a considerable amount of space.

    Anything you can do to make your trip planning enjoyable will ultimately make your entire vacation a lot less stressful. You will also be less likely to forget important things because these tools will help you with reservations, organizing your itinerary, traveling in greater comfort, and most of all, getting the best deals on everything. One last thing, don’t forget to download a free WiFi finder so you can use all these apps for free!

  • What Are the Best Photo Apps for Phones & Tablets?

    Thanks to advances in mobile technology, the digital cameras built into smartphones and tablets get more use than traditional digital cameras. Because of Internet access, people can now take pictures and immediately upload them to social media sites. Since these devices are so widely used, customers are eager to find photo-editing apps that don't require a laptop or desktop computer. In response, software creators are developing apps for both iOS and Android operating systems.


    Nik Software created Snapseed. It was formerly only available for iOS, but has recently been released for the Android operating system. It is only compatible with Android devices that use the 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system or later. This means that many smartphones that still use the Gingerbread operating system (Android 2.3) are not compatible with the program. Snapseed is a free app that can be downloaded either from Google Play or iTunes.

    Snapseed is highly rated by Gadget Soup, the Globe Press and Imaging-Resource, as well as other tech authorities. Snapseed was ranked as iTunes' Best Mobile App of 2012. It was also rated as the Top iPad App of the Year.

    Snapseed allows users to upload their photos to Google+, which isn't possible with other photo editing apps. The iOS version of Snapseed also has new features that aren't present on the Android version yet. The Retrolux feature allows users to create vintage-like styles, scratch and/or texture effects along with light leaks. It also allows users to choose different frame styles and frame colors. Both the Android and iOS versions let you adjust contrast, filters, and exposures, all of which will turn your "snaps," as they are called, into more professional looking photos.


    Instagram is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. The familiar program is one that people often use for sharing photos on social media networks because of its web integration, but many users may not be aware that it also has very good artistic filters and a selective focus dropper. The nice thing about Instagram is even if you upload photos from a mobile device, you can access them on a computer by using Instagram from the Internet. With Instagram, editing and sharing features are integrated.


    EyeEm is another free photo editing and sharing app that is similar to Instagram. The newest version, which was released in September 2012, added something called DiscoverFeed. It is designed to observe the things you like as you use EyeEm, and from there, it creates a photo feed based on your interests. As EyeEm learns your interests, the photo feed changes.

    EyeEm is a network, like Instagram, but EyeEm is based on the interests you share with other people, while Instagram is based on friendships you create through social media networks.

    Pic Collage

    Pic Collage is a free app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It makes it possible for users to turn their cell phone or tablet photos into collages by adding special effects, text, and more. It also has a built-in feature that allows for sharing the collage on Facebook and Twitter. Think of Pic Collage as if you had all the tools you'd use for scrapbooking, but in digital form. If you want stickers or more backgrounds, you can purchase those.


    This program is only available for iPhone and iPad. It makes it possible for users to create photo strips like those that you'd get in an old-fashioned photo booth. You create these on your iPhone or iPad and then can upload the photo strips to Facebook or Twitter. You can also attach them to emails. However you share them, you'll get to create fancy retro photo strips.

    These photo-editing apps are designed to allow users to do basic things like crop, rotate, and resize photos. Many offer additional features that allow for the creation of special effects and even collages, all possible through complete digital production. High-end mobile devices are made with high quality cameras that almost render the pocket digital camera that was once the only way to take pictures. No matter which app you choose for your phone, don’t forget to protect it with one of the phone skins on Best Skins Ever!

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