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Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • Tips and Tricks to Drying out your Cell Phone

    In today's society, cell phones are an essential item for most people. However, cell phones are far from indestructible. For example, too much banging or dropping may cause your phone to stop working properly. Likewise, exposure to water can cause serious damage to your phone. In some cases, a wet phone may even be beyond repair. Nonetheless, you can try to salvage a water-damaged cell phone by allowing it to dry thoroughly. Below are some tips to speed the drying process and maximize your chances of success.

    1. Take action quickly The faster you dry your phone, the more chance you have of saving it. As soon as you know your phone is wet, begin the drying process immediately.

    2. Remove the battery Before you try to dry your phone, take the battery out to cut the power and set it aside until the phone is completely dry. If your phone is off when the water damage occurs, or if the phone shuts off after becoming wet, don't turn it back on. Doing so may short the circuit.

    3. Use rice or silica gel One of the best ways to dry your phone is to place it in a sealed bag of silica gel, which will draw the moisture out of the phone. You can combine the silica gel packets from products you have purchased in the past, or you can buy silica gel at a local craft store. If you don't have silica gel on hand, you can also attempt to dry your phone in a sealed bag of uncooked rice. Though it won't work as quickly as silica gel, uncooked rice will also draw the moisture out of the phone.

    4. Don't use heat Though it may be tempting to use heat to dry your phone, such as the heat from a hairdryer, doing so can be harmful to the phone. The heat will dry the moisture in the phone, but it may also warp the parts inside of the device. Once these parts are damaged, the phone won't work properly.

    5. Remove salt water first If your phone was damaged with salt water, you should rinse it with fresh water before you try to dry it. Though it may seem counterintuitive, leaving the salt water in the phone is more dangerous than adding more moisture to the phone's insides. After the salt water dries, the crystals left behind will damage the delicate components inside your device. For this reason, you must remove them before you draw out the moisture. Remove the battery before you flush the phone with fresh water.

    6. Use air and suction If your phone is soaked with water, use suction or blown air to remove the bulk of the water before you place it in rice or silica gel. This method works best if you attempt to blow or suck the moisture out of the same openings through which it entered. Effective tools include cans of compressed air or wet/dry shop vacs. Because most cell phone manufacturers refuse to honor the warranty on a phone that has sustained water damaged, it is important to do everything you can to dry your wet cell phone on your own. Remember, using a phone skin can also help deter water damage from seeping into your phone. Buy a phone skin today and be able to use your phone in crisis! By following these tips, you can greatly increase the chance of recovery from water damage on your phone.

  • Top New Tech Products in 2013

    Though it may seem like the world of technology can't improve anymore, the top manufacturers are always coming up with new products. Like any other year, 2013 will bring with it a host of advanced gadgets entering the market for the first time and vying for the attention of consumers. Below are some of the most highly anticipated products you can look forward to in this New Year.

    1. IPad 5

    According to the Huffington Post, the Apple iPad 5 could appear on the market as early as March 2013. The fifth generation version of this incredibly popular product is expected to be even lighter and thinner than its predecessor, combining all of the best aspects of the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini. You can also expect this newest model to include a touch screen similar to that of the iPad Mini, as well as Apple's innovative retina display technology.

    2. BlackBerry 10

    Research in Motion will release its newest BlackBerry operating system, BlackBerry 10. Though RIM was once one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world, consumers have since moved on to Android and Apple products. With the unveiling of BlackBerry 10, RIM hopes to regain its popularity in the smartphone market. BlackBerry 10 is rumored to be faster than any operating system currently available on the market. Both a QWERTY keyboard and touch screen version will be available.

    3. Microsoft Surface Pro

    Also this month, tech enthusiasts can expect to see the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro. Although the Surface Pro will run on Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows 8, the Surface Pro will support all Windows 7 applications, and it will include an Intel Core 15 processor. According to Microsoft, the Surface Pro will come with a stylus and touch screen for tablet use, as well as a keyboard for laptop use. In spite of its many features, the Surface Pro will weigh less than 2 pounds.

    4. Amazon Phone

    Amazon plans to enter the smartphone market in 2013 with the unveiling of the Amazon phone. The phone is expected to offer sophisticated software integration and high quality hardware for a low price. Amazon will recoup the money it spends on hardware through Kindle books, Amazon Cloud Player, Amazon MPS and the Amazon Appstore, all of which will be compatible with this new product.

    5. PlayStation 4

    In response to the recent release of the Wii U, Sony is preparing to unveil its latest version of the PlayStation. Though Sony isn't offering many details about the PlayStation 4, consumers can expect to see this new product enter the market sometime in 2013. Sony is known for backing up its PlayStation consoles long-term, as is evidenced by the continuing presence of versions 2 and 3 on retail shelves. Thus, in spite of the silence from Sony, speculators predict that the PlayStation 4 will go far, much like its predecessors.

    6. XBox 720

    Rumors indicate that Microsoft's newest Xbox, which may be called Xbox 720, will hit the shelves by December 2013. Not much is known about this new system. However, speculators predict that the Xbox 720 will begin at a lower price point than its predecessor, the Xbox 360. Speculators also predict that the console will be smaller than the 360. Though Microsoft has indicated interest in motion-based games, it is likely that the 720 will continue to appeal to hardcore gamers.

    The products mentioned here represent just a few of the new offerings we expect to see in 2013. Which of your gadgets will you upgrade this year? Which do you think were sound investments that you’ll stick with?

  • 2012 Tech Trends

    Thankfully, now that everyone has survived the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012, we can finally take some time to reflect back and discuss some of the popular techie gifts and trends that came from out of 2012.

    In 2012 we experienced a kind of photo sharing madness that we have never quite seen before. The ability to capture a moment and share it in an instance via Instagram and other apps is just as addictive as following your favorite person on Twitter or your friends on Facebook. There are even apps like Glymps that captures video footage during the five seconds right before a photograph is taken so you can look back onto the the craziness of your friends right before their picture.

    While the first Apple iPad tablet has been available to the public since 2010, the craze over them has not gone away. Today there are a slew of manufacturers trying to jump on the tablet device craze from Amazon to Barnes & Noble to Google’s own version of the iPad. Apple has even released its own revised version of the iPad, the iPad mini. Do you have a favorite device? Visit our Facebook page and let us know!

    Thanks to Siri we are now able to control our tech devices from Apple through special voice control commands. You can ask Siri to call a friend for you, tell you your daily appointments, direct you to your next destination, and so much more. Before you know it, Siri will be your best friend. Don’t have an iPhone? Don’t worry! You can use Voice Control on your Android based phone or you can always download Dragon Dictation. This app will help you get your notes on paper while you are driving or when your hands are full.

    Think you have the next million-dollar idea? Why not take it online and try crowdfunding? Thanks to the JOBS Act businesses are now able to take their ideas and ask for funding, up to $1 million, from non-accredited investors: every day people. For example, Kickstarter is where creators and innovators can go to ask for this funding in exchange for small rewards. To date, the biggest Kickstarter campaign is Pebble, which was funded in 2012 and was able to raise over $10 million.

    Do you have a favorite techie trend from 2012? Visit us on Facebook and let us know all about it.

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