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Amazon Kindle 3 Clear Protective Skins

Amazon released its special and new reading device model, the Kindle 3. It is indeed the most advanced and lowest price Kindle Reader yet. It has a slimmer design and improved clarity which makes it far ahead of the others. It lets people experience all features of Amazon Kindle 2 from this cheaper Amazon Kindle 3 with just Wi-Fi connectivity. But with faster page turning, improvements for Facebook, Twitter integration, a more improved contrast to have a clearer screen as well as support for Cyrillic and Chinese fonts.

This standard Wi-Fi and 3G Amazon Kindle version lets you choose from having a graphite or white colored Kindle. However, the cheaper version with only Wi-Fi comes only in graphite color just like Amazon Kindle DX. Let’s see what made Amazon Kindle 3 very special.

Amazon Kindle 3 Features:

  • Size: Amazon Kindle 3 is made smaller and lighter. Its body is smaller but still keeps the same 6 inches screen. It only weighs 8.7 ounces.
  • Screen: The contrast has been greatly improved with a more defined darker text for an easier, relaxing and enjoyable reading experience.
  • Memory Capacity: It has a bigger memory capacity which allows storage of up to 3500 eBooks.
  • PDF viewer: Is improved which has now an option to zoom and scroll. It is now designed with an ability of adding high lights or notes and consulting a dictionary.
  • Battery Life: Has been improved which can last for a month when Wi-Fi is not in use.
  • Web: Its improved web browser has a free web browsing with 3G and other dedicate programs that help you easily and quickly update your Facebook and Twitter accounts. However, this feature is just an experiment to Amazon Kindle 3 and not its main point but it could still be very useful.
  • WiFi Ability: It has a built-in Wi-Fi to let you download new titles via Wi-Fi hotspots or by using the 3G technology.
  • Protective Casing: Its back casing is soft and rubberized which makes it easier to hold and protected from sliding and dropping out from the palm.
  • Font & Language: You can choose and change it with various font styles that fits you eyes ad is capable of recognizing alternative fonts or scripts. It can display in Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, Korean, Greek and Latin characters.
  • Music: With its mp3 player, tracks or podcasts can be downloaded which you can use as a background music while reading.
  • Read To Me: Its enhanced “Read to Me” feature makes it read menus louder which you ca opt for if you do not want to get tired of reading.

The Amazon Kindle 3: Now Better Than Ever

With all its upgrades, there are only two main points that makes Amazon Kindle 3 the most amazing reading device you should have. It lets you choose between Kindle with Wi-Fi and 3G capability and Wi-Fi only with Kindle 3 with a great price difference though. This feature is mainly depended on the availability of these 2 connections. Its second main point is the color upgrade. Though this change is not so technical but having it different color is nice and greatly matters. While the Amazon Kindle 3 with only Wi-Fi comes in graphite, the Amazon Kindle 3 with 3G and Wi-Fi lets you choose from graphite or white.

Best Skins Ever - Help Protect Your Device with the Amazon Kindle 3 Clear Protective Skin

With all its given features, it surely is one of the things you would always want to bring every time. With the help of Best Skins Ever the Amazon Kindle 3 transparent skin it can help you take good care of your Amazon Kindle 3 and make it last longer. It’s a lovely device you can use when you want to spare some time to relax and rest from your stressful routine. Keep your Amazon Kindle 3 clean and protected with an Amazon Kindle 3 clear protective skin from Best Skins Ever. Keep it look cool. Skins are undoubtedly cheaper than its worth.   

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