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Show and Tell about BSE

Thanks for making your recent purchase with us. We know there are a lot of options when it comes to protecting your gadgets so we appreciate your business. We hope you found your experience with our site, delivery, customer service and most importantly our products, to be positive.

We don't do much traditional advertising so it's likely that you found us through someone else who was happy with their purchase.  We think our products and service should speak for themselves.  We find that a lot of our customers are "tech enthusiasts" that like to show and post reviews of their gadgets and accessories without even asking.  

If you fit that description we have a deal for you.  We actually want to give you your money back for up to two phone size Skins or one tablet or larger size Skin from your most recent purchase just for posting a review telling your fellow enthusiasts and the world about Best Skins Ever.

How it works

Here are the details on what you need to do to be eligible.

  1. You need to post your review of your product on somewhere like a message board that you participate on or a blog that you write on.  It should be a new post and not a reply to another post.  Your personal Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or other social media site doesn't qualify.
  2. If you post your review on a message board it shouldn't be spammy.  It should be a forum where you are already active.  Don't sign up somewhere new just to participate in this program.  That's spammy and probably against the user agreement of the forum you're posting on.
  3. You may choose YouTube as the only place to post your review if you have 500 or more subscribers or a Facebook Page you manage if you have 500 or more Likes.
  4. Be honest.  We hope your review is positive but more importantly we want it to be fair and honest.  An honest review is more compelling than a fan-boy review so if there is anything you thought could be better, feel free to express that.
  5. A picture speaks a thousand words so we want you to post at least one quality picture or video of our product applied to your device.  There are plenty of great how-to guides on the Internet to help you with your photography.  If your pictures or video are not clear with proper lighting you may need to redo them.
  6. So other people can find us, please post a link back to our home page, or better yet, the page of the actual product your reviewing.
  7. After you've posted your review, send us an email with your most recent order number and a link where we can verify your review to and we will begin processing your request.
If you have any questions about these steps, please email us at and ask up front.

What happens next

After we receive your email we will process your request within a few days.  We need to verify your review and make sure you included all the steps.  If you missed something we may ask you to go back and update your review.

Once approved, we will process a full refund of the product you reviewed.  We will refund you for up to two phone sized Skins or one tablet or laptop size Skins.  

We reserve the right to ask you to change your review if it is not within the spirit of our offer.  You may only participate in this program only once every six months without prior approval.  If you have any questions, please ask up front by emailing us at

Thank you for your interest!
The Support Team