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Application Instructions for Kolorit Skins by BSE

Installation tools: To apply your Kolorit Skin by BSE you will need a hairdryer or heat gun with a low setting to warm up the film. When the film is warmed it becomes highly conformable allowing you to wrap the edges and complex curves on your device.

Read the instructions thoroughly from beginning to end before starting. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us first. Be sure to perform the application in a clean, well lit area for best results.

Safety Tip: For the next steps please use caution and common sense when using a heat gun or hairdryer to apply the Skin. Only use the heat gun or hairdryer on low settings. Be careful not to burn yourself or let your device get too hot. Be smart.

  1. Thoroughly clean your device to maximize adhesion of the Skin.
  2. Remove from the Skin the internal cutouts for all buttons, charge ports, cameras, logos, etc.
  3. Peel the Kolorit Skin from the carrier sheet and apply it to the device using minimal pressure at first. For best results first align the Skin to features near the edges of the Skin and far away from each other (e.g., the charge port on bottom and camera cutouts on top). If the alignment of features furthest away from each other is proper then the rest of the Skin should be good too.
  4. The alignment should be even and centered around the outside edge and all internal couts. If it is not carefully peel the Skin back up. Use extra caution not to tear the film around thin and delicate areas such as logos and button cutouts.
  5. Once you're satisfied with the alignment of the Skin set it in place by pressing with your fingers from the center out.
  6. If the Skin needs to wrap around a tight curve or corner use the hairdryer or heat gun on low to warm up the film to make it more pliable. Once it’s warm press the film around the curves working from the inside area to the outside edge of the film.
    • When wrapping the film around a long edge, run your finger along the entire length of the edge a little at a time. Do not push it around completely in sections as this will warp the film.
    • If your kit wraps the sides and corners of the device (such as the iPhone 6) be sure to wrap the film around the sides of the device completely first before proceeding to wrap and press down the corners.
  7. If the film is not completely adhered around the edges or becomes detached at the edges simply warm that area up again with your hairdryer or heat gun and press it back in place.
  8. You’re finished! Now take a picture of your amazing looking device, post it to social media and tag us. We love seeing our stuff on your gadgets.