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Clear Skin Application Instructions

Before you start: Turn off your device and take out the battery if it is removable. Read all of the instructions and special tips before beginning. Wash your hands and wipe down your device with a soft lint free cloth. Identify the functioning pieces of the Skin and where they apply to your device.
Application Solution: Mix 10 oz. (300 mL) of water with about 1/4 tsp. (1.5 mL) of liquid dish soap in a spray bottle. Dawn liquid dish soap works very well.
  1. Spray your fingers with the solution and peel the Skin from the release liner. The solution on your fingers prevents leaving fingerprints on the adhesive.
  2. Spray the adhesive side of the Skin with the solution.
  3. Apply the Skin to your device, adhesive side down, and slide into position.
  4. Squeegee bubbles and excess solution from underneath the Skin with a credit card or something similar. Squeegee from the center out and away from any openings in the device. Soak up excess solution with a lint free cloth as you squeegee it to the edge.
  5. Let the Skin adhere to your device for up to 12 hours before using it. Imperfections, streaks, pockets of solution, and micro bubbles will disappear over the next 48 hours as the Skin cures to your device.

Helpful Tips

Adhesive: It’s important to understand that the adhesive is not water-soluble and it is not activated with the application solution. The purpose of the solution is to prevent immediate adhesion of the Skin to your device, allowing you to easily position and remove air bubbles. Adding more solution to areas that are not adhering to your device will only prolong the issue. Allowing some time for the solution to evaporate will allow the Skin to adhere to stubborn corners and edges. You can also press the areas that are having trouble adhering to your device into the palm of your hand for 10 to 30 seconds to help them stick.
No Spray Bottle?: Although we prefer the application solution be applied to your Skin with a spray bottle to better control the amount of solution used we realize this isn’t always possible. In that case you can simply mix your application solution in a bowl and dip the Skin in the solution. Be sure to keep track of the adhesive side.
Which Piece First?: If you have never applied a Skin before now we understand the application process can seem somewhat unusual and possibly difficult. In this case we suggest starting with a smaller piece on the back of the device if possible. These pieces are often easier to apply and imperfections in these areas are less noticeable than on the screen of the device.
Reapplying: If you are unhappy with the look or positioning of the Skin on your device it can be peeled off and reapplied within the first minutes of application. After 5 minutes the Skin will begin to adhere to the device and will stretch and distort too much to be reapplied.
Removal: When you're ready to remove the Skin you can simply peel it off. For best results peel slowly and don't peel the Skin back over itself. Peel the Skin away from itself at an angle of 45 degrees or less.
Never apply application solution directly onto your device. The liability of Best Skins Ever does not extend beyond our products.