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Most Unexpected Plans for Interactive Tech in 2014

tech 2014For years, technology has always fascinated us, and rightfully so! Some of the greatest feats in human history have been made possible due to the advancement of technology. Sometimes, these accomplishments are the tech developments themselves! Now, many major tech developers are improving on what’s already been created. The latest innovative technological jump has been interactive technology.

From games, to menus, to books, and more, interactive technology is slowly being integrated into each facet of our lives. Let’s take a look at what recent developments in tech have taken place over the past few months.

Pizza Hut to Roll Out Interactive Menu Tables

Many major food chains have begun to offer new methods of ordering for those more “tech-savvy” among us. Most of these new options take place from your computer or smartphone. Pizza Hut, however, has decided to implement interactive tech right into its restaurants, by allowing customer to order from their tables without a server. In fact, we will be able to order using the table itself!

You heard correctly: Pizza Hut has partnered with Chaotic Moon Studios to develop interactive technology that will allow us to order, pay, and even play games at our dining tables.

In a recent YouTube announcement, the video shows two customers touching and swiping across the table to make their selection. You can check out how the technology works by following this link.

Pizza Hut expects that its some-4000 U.S. locations will be outfitted with the interactive tables in the future, but has not announces any specific dates.

Time Machines in Classrooms?

Children at a Minnesota elementary school are visiting scenes from around the world, and travelling hundreds of years into the past – all from the comfort of the classroom!

Students are receiving lessons in history via a two-way video conferencing technology. By innovating, and brining this commercial tool into the classroom, students are able to actively engage with their lessons. Many of the programs already in use require students to stand, jump, enact specific motions or gestures, read, write, and draw – all while learning a specific subject!

The tech is currently only being utilized in in Minnesota, but the lesson plans can be adapted by state, grade-level, and subject matter.

Apple is Awarded a Patent for Interactive 3D Technology

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has given a patent to Apple that could forever change the way that we think of displays. The iPowerhouse is developing hologram technology that will allow us to interact with projects as though they are a part of the physical world. Three-dimensional projections have been featured lots of times in pop-culture, and we’ve seen it used in all sorts of places – from offices to command centers. Though the patent had been issued, Apple has not announced any specific plans on what it plans to do with the hologram technology.

These are just a few of the many ways the interactive technology is making its way onto the scene. Be sure to keep up with our blog to stay posted on the latest tech trends and releases.